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How To Join The UK Sharks Poker Team

2014 sees the launch of a new look UK Sharks Poker Team and website!

The poker team will inintially begin with 15 members who will be confirmed and announced by the end of January with further additions to be made throughout the course of the year.

Below is a list of currently confirmed Team Members so far:

  • Stu – Captain
  • Serring – Vice Captain
  • Crispy17 – Vice Captain
  • Crumble
  • Redwinelady
  • Chewy
  • DeN_eYeD
  • RiverAsUsual
  • MrWhizz

Whilst there is no strict criteria for joining the team or obligations as a member at this time, team members will be expected to agree to the following:

  • Particpate in our online tournaments.
  • Engage in discussions within our Chat Room and via responding to posts and announcements.
  • Represent the UK Sharks in team events both online and live when possible.
  • Provide details for the UK Sharks Poker Team page.
  • Adhere to all other rules, terms and conditions of the site.

How To Join: Invitations have been sent out to a number of valued members of the previous site, however we are happy to accept new and old members alike so if you are interested in joining the UK Sharks Poker Team please send an email to

Register As A UK Sharks Poker Team Supporter: Anyone can sign up to be a UK Sharks Poker Team Supporter. Supporters are still able to take part in our tournaments and engage in discussions within our Chat Room and via responding to posts and announcements, but are unable to start posts or make announcements. To register click here.

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