UK Sharks Player Of The Year 2014 Week 3 – RiverAsUsual Dominates

UK Sharks Player Of The Year 2014

RiverAsUsual took down the third tournament of the UK Sharks Player of the Year competition in dramatic fashion on Sunday night, knocking out 11 of the 15 other players taking part.

This puts him in early contention for the ‘Most Knockouts’ prize awarded at the end of the season and with early leader SteClarke failing to add any points, blows the overall competition wide open.

As always, this week’s tournament takes place at 8pm on PokerStars and is open for registration so sign up now!

If haven’t yet become a member of the UK Sharks Home Games Club on PokerStars, please click here for further details on how to join.

UK Sharks POTY 2014 Week 3

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