UK Sharks Player Of The Year 2014 Week 8 – Wilywoll Whips ’em

UK Sharks Player Of The Year 2014

Wilywoll picked up his second win of the 2014 UK Sharks Player of the Year season as he takes down week 8’s tournament. John44john’s consistency pays dividends as his second place finish sees him overtake Crumble who slips to third in the overall standings.

The competition is really heating up as we enter week 9 which as usual, takes place this Sunday night at 8pm on PokerStars, make sure you join us.

For full details of how to take part please click here.

UK Sharks POTY 2014 Week 8

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4 Comments to "UK Sharks Player Of The Year 2014 Week 8 – Wilywoll Whips ’em"

  1. Ste Clarke says:

    I am there tonight peeps.. beware 😉 …also if anyone wants to play the pokercast invitational on stars at 8 05 pm uk time tourney id# [5:52:53][PM] steven clarke: 873246680 its a $1 buy in with 500 added and tonights game is 5 card omaha !! see ya there


  2. DeN_eYeD says:

    Ste, I registered for the pokercast game last night and won over $7….! Even though I’d registered thinking it was a NLHE game 🙂 haha!

  3. carp10 carp10 says:

    Do you guys play in the week or just Sundays?

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