UK Sharks Player Of The Year 2014

UK Sharks Player Of The Year 2014

Starting on 5th January, 2014 we’ll be hosting our Player Of The Year tournaments every Sunday evening at 20:00 (UK time) on PokerStars.

The buy-in will be £3+£0.30p and players will need to join our Home Games Club on PokerStars in order to be able to participate (details provided below).

These tournaments will run once per week throughout 2014 with the overall winner and UK Sharks Player Of The Year being decided by the highest points total after the last game of the season which will take place on Sunday 28th December, 2014. The UK Sharks Player Of The Year will win a trophy, cash and a chipset. Further prizes and awards will be announced shortly including those for best average and most knockouts (players must have registered for a specified number of games).

Points will be determined according to the standard PokerStars Home Games format meaning that the total points awarded for a qualified tournament are exactly equal to the number of players in the tournament. So a 20-player tournament awards 20 points and a 50-player tournament awards 50 points. The points awarded are spread across the top third of participants, with a higher proportion going to higher placements in the finish order. (Rounding may occur to ensure that total points equal total players and top third of players is a whole number.)

Tournament Details

Tournament Name: UK Sharks POTY
Venue: PokerStars
Location: Lobby > Home Games > UK Sharks > Tournaments
Date and Time: Every Sunday @ 20:00 (UK time)
Buy-in: £3+£0.30p
Restrictions: Players must be registered with the UK Sharks Home Game Club on PokerStars
Prizes: TBA

How To Register For The UK Sharks Home Game Club on PokerStars

  • If you haven’t already dones so, download the PokerStars software via the banner below.
  • Open the main poker lobby, then click on the Home Games tab.
  • Click the ‘Join a Poker Club’ button.
  • Enter Club ID number: 31980
  • Enter Invitation Code: XUKSHARKSX

To sign up for an account at PokerStars click on the banner below:

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24 Comments to "UK Sharks Player Of The Year 2014"

  1. Ram says:

    Saturday night isn’t really a good night for me to play any chance that these games can be alternated between Saturday & Sunday
    Who knows it might even attract more players if we try different nights

  2. Crumble says:

    That’s an interesting thought Ram and it could work.

    My concern would be that people who can only make one of the two nights would quickly fall behind and give up the unequal struggle, leaving just those of us who can play either day.

    Have you seen this tried on any other forum?

  3. Ram says:

    I haven’t seen it tried anywhere else but as the OP says there would be a prize for the best average it should keep the interest there for most players

    Either that or set up 2 leagues one for each day and at the end of the year if there are different league winners have a heads up match to decide the POTY

    Just one thing which Stu needs to confirm is the buy-in as atm it doesn’t make sense

  4. Ram says:

    Seems like the right time to remind wilywoll of our conversation in West Brom Crumble

  5. Crumble says:

    Ram, you’re right, those other prizes will help keep people interested.

    I’ve sent Will a PM on another forum…

  6. wilywoll says:

    Ho Ho Ho everyone ;o) I’ve made the effort, thx for the reminder Crumble…..look forward to seeing you at the tables.

  7. Crumble says:

    Hey Will, glad you made it. Now we need to round up a few more possibles…

  8. Ram says:

    Hi Wily
    Great to see ya here mate

  9. DeN_eYeD says:

    no good for me saturdays at 8pm…soz

  10. Stu Stu says:

    To alternate between Saturdays and Sundays isn’t possible using the Home Games format.

    Whilst it would be possible to run seperate Saturday and Sunday with the winner’s playing off at the end, it could become quite complicated and so would prefer to keep things simple by presenting the following options…

    1) Move the games to Sundays as this seems to be the preferred day.

    2) Run on both Saturdays and Sundays with the all games counting towards points totals for the year.

    We only have a couple of days to come to a decision though, so please let us know your thoughts asap!

  11. Crumble says:

    Well, I’ll play either day so if there’s only one game it makes no big difference to me personally. In fact if there were games both days I’d play both, being a bit special, with the aim of making an end-of-season play-off against myself.

    But I think most people would prefer the simplicity of one game on one day.

    And I think most “Grinders” play on Sunday anyway because that’s when the sites have their showcase tournaments.

    So I vote for Sunday starting somewhere between 7:30 and 8:30 pm.

  12. Stu Stu says:

    As it stands we’re looking at 8pm on Sundays.

    Unless there are further comments or suggestions in the next couple of hours I will reschedule accordingly.

  13. Stu Stu says:

    The first UK Sharks POTY tournament is now live and open for registration.

    Please register and spread the word!

  14. Crumble says:

    I’ve registered and tweeted 🙂

  15. Johnjohn says:

    been a while , look forward to see familier faces again

  16. Ste Clarke says:

    oh my god what a pallaver gettin here lol i need to play some poker now ….good to see ya all here and thanks for the facebook bump Stu lets play!!!!!

  17. Stu Stu says:

    The second UK Sharks Player of the Year tournament takes place tonight at 8pm on PokerStars.

    SteClarke won last week’s game (well done Ste) to take an early lead in the overall standings, but with 51 tournaments to go there is still everything to play for.

    Register now if you haven’t already!

  18. Stu Stu says:

    Just over half an hour left until the start of tonight’s tournament!

  19. Ste Clarke says:


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    see ya there


    P.S log in today for 32 bonus chips to work off also !!

  20. Crumble says:

    Nice one Stevie! I’ll be there… might not rebuy though.

  21. Ste Clarke says:

    didnt know where to post this but

    Cheltenham Poker Freerolls

    The Cheltenham Festival, arguably the most exciting horse racing fixture on the global calendar, is with us once more, and to celebrate this year’s edition we’re running 4 exciting freerolls with a total value of €5,000!

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    €1250 St Patrick’s Thursday Mar 13, 8:30pm 10 raked hands (week)
    €2500 Gold Cup Day Mar 14, 8:30pm 32 raked hands (month)
    *1500 starting chips & 12 minute blinds, with one 20c rebuy (2K chips) and one 50c add-on (5K chips).
    **Raked hands (earned within a day, week or month, depending on the freeroll) are required to enter certain Events.

    all details of the games here

    have fun and see ya there


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